Downloader by AFTVnews

Normally it is very difficult for us to download and stream websites using our Android TV as it is now bundled with a powerful web browser. But now there is a solution for this issue. We all like to browse and download the needed files directly from the Android TV without using any other external device or a casting app. This is now possible with the wonderful app Downloader by AFTVnews. Let’s have a quick journey around this nice application Downloader by AFTVnews though this post.

What is Downloader by AFTVnews?

The app is mainly there for your Android TV including Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire Tv Sticks. This let you download any file to your Android TV very easily without any other additional aid. The app Downloader by AFTVnews is free to download also. As well free from annoying ads too. Click here for how to install Downloader.

If you have this app no need of a mouse or a keyboard to perform downloading or browsing. After downloading the required file, you can open it, install it, or delete it using the TV’s basic file manager very comfortably. 

Features of Downloader by AFTVnews

The app is also equipped with an in-built browser. This helps you in browsing and downloading files. 

This enables you to download files directly using the file URL. Type your file URL on the search tab and download withing few seconds. Most of the app users find this as an amazing feature.

Or else using the app you can side download the plugins for certain web browsers. Through these plugins you can download the files from websites you need.

These plugins necessarily support game controllers and TV remotes. This makes mouses and keyboards to expel.

URL shortener. This is a fanciful feature accompanied by the app Downloader by AFTVnews. This URL shortener feature let you convert any lengthy URL in to a shorter numeric code for easy browsing and downloading via the app.

The app Downloader by AFTVnews is equipped with certain cool browsing options like full Screen mode, quick access to certain files in favorites/bookmark folder and also zooming. 

Download for Android TV and Fire TV

I think you were able to have a clear and a precise idea about this wonderful tool Downloader by AFTVnews. Hence it is time for you to test it by your own. You can use TV app stores like UnLinked, AppLinked, FileSynced and Aptoide TV. Choose your favorite store to install apps you like. For TV stores like AppLinked, Filesynced and Aptoide TV require TV code. Therefore, make sure to find Downloader TV code before using those stores.